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Thursday 7/3

outside-row1000m Row for time

20 High Box Steps (weighted)

1000m Row for time

*Box steps are the strength work in between the two tests (no time component).
**While foot is on the box, the knee should be above the hip, pull with the foot on the box; do not push with the foot on the floor.





July 4th – 9am WOD only

Wednesday 7/2

30 Clean & Jerks for time – 135/95

*30 Evil Wheels post WOD


Gus, Nick, and Blaise all knocked out their first MU, only two weeks into the challenge.  Congrats noonies,


Tuesday 7/1



Strict Ring Pullups
5 – 5 – 5

*maintain hollow-body / pull rings to chest

16mins EMOM:
Even – 10 Kettlebell Swings
Odd – 100m Sprint