Partner WODs

For Time:
55  Chest-to-Rings Pullups
(Partners will attempt to accumulate a total of 55 chest-to-rings pull-ups as fast as possible.  If a partner is able to do a muscle-up, it will count as ***3*** chest-to-ring pull-ups.  In order for the chest-to-ring pull-up to count, the base palm of the hands must touch the chest at the nipple line while holding onto the rings.)

18min AMRAP:
8 Pushups + Push-up plank hold / Wall Balls – 20/14
*400m Run (5:00, 10:00, 15:00)

Partner A will perform 8 pushups then hold the push-up plank position as long as possible.  Once Partner A has completed the pushups and is in the plank position, Partner B may begin the wall balls.  If Partner A collapses the plank position, or if Partner B drops the ball or stops, partners must immediately switch positions.  Partner B will then perform 8 pushups then begin holding the plank position; Partner A perform wall balls once Partner B is holding the plank position.  This alternating will continue as forced by fatigue or dropping the ball.  On minute 5, 10, & 15:  partners will run 400m, then immediately continue with the pushup-plank/wallballs.  This is scored by the number of wall balls completed.