Friday 2/12

10 mins
practice 5 perfect hollow body kips + 1 pull-up; if you have pull-ups you may do chest to bars; if you have c2b, you may do bar mu’s

snatch grip behind the neck strict press 5×5 HAP

For time:
9 bar muscle-ups
21 push jerks 115/85
7 bar muscle-ups
15 push jerks
5 bar muscle-ups
9 push jerks
**athlete may do banded bar mu’s if they can do them; if not strict pull-ups are the only other modification

Thursday 2/11

5 emom :30 push-u shoulder taps–Ejpk

5 rounds snatch pull complex @ 90-100%:
snatch pull-high pull-panda pull

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Justin Sisson, 23, assigned to 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, died June 3, 2013, from wounds caused by a suicide bomber in Chamkani, Afghanistan.

Sisson is survived by his parents, Kevin and Phyllis; brother, Ryan; grandmothers, Judith Liming and Janis Beshoner; and numerous other friends and family members.
15-ft rope climb
5 burpees
200-meter run
**because this is a hero wod, it calls for a 20# vest; obviously people who don’t want to wear one do not have to; the people who do may do so