Q:  What is CrossFit?

A: Succinctly put, CrossFit is a fitness training program that is constantly varied, high-intensity, with functional movement.  The philosophy and approach is to prepare individuals for any physical contingency, and more importantly – prepare them for the unknown.  A CrossFitter is not a specialized athlete but an exceptional athlete in their diversity of fitness and skill level.  The goal with the CrossFit program is to maximize the human potential in physical conditioning  and skills, and enhance the quality of life – enabling you to do even more than you can now, and doing the things you do well even better.  But how does this translate to you, what will “doing” CrossFit entail, and what is the approach to CrossFit?

Many professional and elite athletes have fully endorsed the CrossFit program.  Police, firefighters, and military personnel have recognized the significance that CrossFit plays into keeping them physically prepared for their careers.  MMA fighters, cyclists, Olympic athletes, triathletes, serious competitors, weekend warriors, and many others have adopted CrossFit as their fitness regimen, but this program is not just for the elite.  The CrossFit program is for the injured, disabled, sedentary, elderly, and the young – this program is for you.  The functional movements of the program are essential for everyone in their lives, if however, the level of competency and intensity may differ.  For example, because we know that an Olympic weightlifter requires a stronger and more power squat movement than your grandmother who’s trying to get out of her rocking chair, we adjust the level and intensity by scaling the workout program.  The value in the approach is realizing that regardless of your fitness arena or physical requirements, the squat movement is important to both the Olympic athlete and your grandmother.  In CrossFit, the workouts apply to each and every individual; we just adjust the level of intensity and competency.  In this mode, CrossFit is supremely successful at training and conditioning everyone in any fitness arena or mode of lifestyle.


“The Sport of Fitness” is how CrossFit likes to define itself.  Using diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and recreational and competitive sports, the program combines functional movements and skills to physically condition and neurologically train the body.  No workout is the same from day-to-day.  The random physical challenges will prepare you for the unknown tasks and sports in your daily lives, or weekend activities.  Workouts are done in groups for the competitive spirit and motivation that others can feed, or sometimes at the very least with another partner.  Any workout on any given day will challenge you in skill, tax you in physical energy, and dramatically increase your physical capabilities in a very timely manner!

With CrossFit, the goal is to optimize physical competence in the fitness domains of cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  This is the type of fitness that is demanded of military, police personnel, firefighters, as well as other sports that require complete physical prowess…and it should be the fitness you strive to daily improve!  The fitness of life.

At CrossFit Heat, we measure a fit person by how much (weight) they can move (distance) in the shortest amount of time.  The essence of this view is that fitness is also about performing well at any and every task in your workouts, sports, recreational activities, and daily life.  Whether you are a warrior, terrorist-hunter, cyclist, law-enforcement agent, triathlete, mother, weekend warrior, backpacker, fighter, fitness enthusiast, or just feel like getting in better shape, we are here to help you set goals and ensure you gain a new level of fitness you never dreamed possible.  Our focus is for you to optimize your physical potential, and become better at life.

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